South Carolina Historical Association
2017 Annual Conference
Bob Jones University - Greenville, SC
March 11, 2017

Conference Program will be available by February 20.

8:00-9:00 - Registration/Light Breakfast - Alumni Building

9:00-10:20 - Session One

Panel 1 - Room 111    A View of Civil Rights: Jim Crow, 1930s-1940s, and Women's Athletics

Chair/Commentator - Steve Lowe - USC Palmetto College
"Jim Crow’s Imperial Mission Southern Democrats and U.S. Racial Empire from the War of 1898 to Good Neighbor Policy"
Don S. Polite Jr. - University of South Carolina
"The Rough Road to Radicalism: A History of the Radical Civil Rights Social Movements of the 1930s and 1940s"
David C. Rothmund - College of Charleston
"Ride of the Valkyries: The Evolution of Athletics and Sport at a Southern Women’s College"
Margaret S. Moore - Converse College

Panel 2 - Room 112    Topics in Public History

Chair/Commentator - Jessica Elfenbein - University of South Carolina
"A Catalogue of Crimes Unparalleled:” Racial terrorism, Reconstruction and Rose Hill Plantation"
Al Hester - SC State Park Service
A Community in Transition: Reconstruction on the Hammond Family Plantations
Elizabeth Laney - Redcliffe Plantation SHS
Columbia City Council Minutes, 1883 – 1919: A collaborative digital project
Debbie Bloom and Margaret Dunlap - Richland Library

Panel 3 - Room 115    Personalities of World War I and Beyond

Chair/Commentator - Rob McCormick - USC Upstate
"The Strange Case of Chalmers Wessinger and the South Carolina Council of Defense, 1918"
Fritz Hamer - SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum
"Calvin S. Smith: A Battlefield Chaplain in the Great War"
Kenneth L. Alford - Brigham Young University
"Remembering William Gregg: Memory and Cultural Warfare in the Interwar South"
Francis M. Curran III - West Virginia University

10:30 - 11:50 Session Two

Panel 4 - Room 111   SC Windows on Native American History

Chair/Commentator: Jim Farmer - USC Aiken
"South Carolina and the Cherokee Lost Cause: the Dragging Canoe Rebellion"
Michael Morris - College of Coastal Georgia
"The Catawba and the American Revolution in South Carolina"
Alexia Jones Helsley - USC Aiken
"Tho much is taken, much abides:’ Sustaining memory: The Native American Studies Archive at USC Lancaster:"
Brent Burgin - USC Lancaster

Panel 5 - Room 112   Carolinians in the Second World War

Panel Organizer: Andrew Myers     Chair/Commentator - Susan Epting
"From Red Arrows to Red Bulls: Thoughts on Methodology and Resources in Researching World War II South Carolina Veterans’ Histories"
Joe H. Camp Jr. - Greenville Technical College
"Gertrude Sanford Legendre, South Carolina Adventuress Naturalist, and World War II Spy"
Kathryn Smith - Independent Scholar
"From the Crossroads of the Army to the Crossroads of the New South: how the Benning School for Boys Fabricated South Carolina’s Secret Weapon"
Bonnie Werlinich - USC Upstate

Panel 6 - Room 115   Asia in the 20th Century

Room Patron’s Lounge    Melanie Maddox
"Mao's Militarized Children"
Elvia Paloma Manjarrez - Winthrop University
"Justifying Japan’s Colonial Project: Narratives of Korean Violence in George Ladd's In Korea with Marguis Ito"
Franklin Rausch - Lander University
"Communism and Sino-Tibetan Relations"
Jonathon Clark - Anderson University

12:00 - 2:10 Lunch, Keynote Address

Rodeheaver Auditorium
"Reconstructing South Carolina's Reconstruction"
Vernon Burton

2:20 - 3:40 Session Three

Panel 7 - Room 111   The Civil War: From the Battlefield to the Homefront

Chair/Commentator - Brent Morris - USC Beaufort
"The Battlefields A Stage: Assessing the Influence of John B. Magruder's Military Theatrics on McClellan's Strategic Decisions During the Penninsula Campaign"
Matthew Hughes - Bob Jones University
"An Errand Bestowed: Building and Maintaining a Confederate Civil Religion"
Andrew Davis - University of Mississippi

Panel 8 - Room 112   The South Carolina Upcountry

Timothy Paul Grady - USC Upstate
"The Scourge of the South: Pellagra in Spartanburg's Mill Villages"
Diane C. Vecchio - Furman University
"From Fifth Avenue to the Dark Corner: The New York National Guard in Glass Mountain Township, 1917 – 1918"
Jonathon K. Brooke - USC Upstate
"Better Babies: Dr. Daniel Lesesne Smith, His Baby Hospitals and the Southern Pediatric Seminar: A Chapter in Southern Progressivism"
Alexia Helsley - USC Aiken

Panel 9 - Room 115   Potpourri

Chair/Commentator - Elizabeth Laney - Redcliffe Plantation   Comment - The Audience
"Bede''s World's for Places of Power and the Passage of Time"
Melanie C. Maddox - The Citadel
"Defining Dechristianization: Rethinking Lacite and the French Revolution"
Nathan A. Earle - Clemson University
"1778: Loyalism and the Failure of British Military Policy in the Southern Colonies"
Robert Scott Davis - Wallace State College

Optional Exhibit Viewing:

Arranged by Brenda Schoolfield Before you leave for home on Saturday afternoon, please step over to the War Memorial Chapel to view the Benjamin West paintings from his series "The Progress of Revealed Religion." Seven of the twelve extant pieces are housed on BJU campus. You'll be able to see the paintings and learn a little of their history in an informal, brief tour of the chapel.